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Crownpeak Rebrands, Adds Denver Office

Crownpeak Rebrands, Adds Denver Office

Crownpeak and ActiveStandards move forward with rebranding of new merged entity

Crownpeak Digital Experience (DXM) and Digital Quality Management (DQM), announced today the introduction of a new branding and the concurrent refresh of portions of the company website. The developments signify the final phase of integration with ActiveStandards since merging in April. The combined company will move forward under the Crownpeak name.

New Denver Office

The company also noted that in addition to offices in Los Angeles and London, it has expanded to Denver. Supported by a 26,000 sq. ft. complex, Crownpeak’s new presence in the Mountain West highlights the strong levels of talent in the region and rise of the marketing technology industry. To continue to build on high rates of both internal and external growth, Crownpeak named Allan Stewart as Global VP of Sales, Frank Ronchetti as CFO and J.J. Gorsuch as VP of Products to the developing Crownpeak team.

"This is a defining moment for Crownpeak and the future could not be brighter for our customers, our partners and our employees," said Jim Yares, CEO of Crownpeak. "Two great companies have come together to offer something truly unique in digital marketing. First and foremost, our top goal remains to empower our customers to delight theirs by providing sophisticated solutions that deliver exceptional experiences across all digital touchpoints."

Crownpeak’s new corporate logo provides an updated look and feel as the company enters a new and prosperous phase in the company’s history. The use of magenta represents the vibrancy and vitality of the brand while the navy tone emphasizes the trustworthiness and dependability customers have grown to expect. The logo carries on the legacy of the image of the peak, a staple of Crownpeak’s continued progression as a leader and trailblazer in the industry.  

The growth of the new company is also marked by the addition of new and fresh leadership. Allan Stewart comes to Crownpeak as Global VP of Sales from Cloudera where he more than doubled the size of his sales team and helped grow the business 100% year over year during his tenure. Joining as CFO is Frank Ronchetti, an entrepreneur and finance professional with over 20 years of domestic and international experience with organizations including GE Equity, Biodesix and NetRegulus. Another intricate addition to the leadership team is J.J. Gorsuch who will serve as VP of Products. He brings invaluable experience in product development and marketing through roles with DigitalGlobe, TriZetto and CSG International.

Crownpeak's DXM platform seamlessly combines content management, personalization, testing and targeting, enterprise-grade search and web hosting, while enforcing brand integrity, improved SEO and compliance across each customer's entire digital presence. The flexibility of the architecture and the core features of the platform make it possible for large enterprises to launch and maintain a complex web, mobile and app presence at scale and in as little as six weeks.

To further enhance and support the integration of Crownpeak and Activestandards’ existing and now joint customer base, Crownpeak has launched the new Crownpeak Support Community, making creating and monitoring support cases easier and more efficient. This introductory service replaces Crownpeak’s existing email-to-case support service with a fully featured support environment that allows customers to submit and track support tickets online and offer a faster and more convenient customer experience.

For more on the announcement, please read CEO Jim Yares blog post, here.   


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