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New Kentico Version 9: Content, Marketing and Sales are Built-in

New Kentico Version 9: Content, Marketing and Sales are Built-in

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: Today, Kentico announced the release of version 9.0, the latest CMS 2.0 class technology platform released for B2B and B2C implementations. The announcement was made at its annual Kentico Connection meeting at its corporate headquaters.

Content management, marketing technology and eCommerce sales technology functionality are all native in the newest core version of Kentico, one of the world's leading CMS platforms. Kentico 9 provides one dashboard for administrators to perform content, marketing and sales functions. From their announcement, here's what's new in Kentico 9.0:

Continuous Integration

Website development is now up to 30% faster with out-of-the-box Continuous Integration, only available in Kentico 9. By supporting all operations, including creating, updating, and deleting objects, combined with automatic Source Control synchronization, you can develop your website faster – freeing time and resources for what really matters.

Integrated Campaign Management

With Kentico 9’s Integrated Campaign Management, the time to execute cross-channel online digital marketing campaigns is greatly reduced. And, fully integrated with Kentico’s WCM and E-commerce solutions, its out-of-the-box functionality lets you develop campaign assets, launch campaigns, and analyze results from one location, helping optimize your campaigns for better results.

Web Farm Support

Running successful campaigns often brings additional traffic to your site. As your site scales to manage this increased traffic, Kentico 9’s Web Farm synchronization Support optimized for cloud deployments and out-of-the-box auto-scaling keeps multiple instances of your Kentico website in sync within the environment, guaranteeing a consistent global visitor experience.


ASP.NET MVC Support in Kentico 9 gives you a more semantic approach to content editing, without the distraction of page settings – create content once and use it in various locations on the live site. And, with a cleaner architectural layout, you increase your content editing productivity and speed of website delivery dramatically.


With Kentico 9’s Modularization, you can create modules to serve specific needs that can be packaged automatically, stored, and reused in subsequent projects. Reduce your development costs by creating customized modules with all the elements you need for current and future projects. Streamline your work for even greater success.


Photo by Christopher F. |  Illustration by John Coonen

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