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Announcing eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web

Announcing eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web

October 5th & 6th in Paris, France

If you're in the eZ Community, chances are you're passionate about the Web but you're also passionate about delivering content above and beyond websites. The reality is, users today expect brands to deliver smarter, more contextualized online experiences across channels. What are the operational requirements to succeeding in this complex digital landscape? How do you define the right information architecture for your business? How do you take advantage of the latest technology and tools to manage your content more efficiently? What does it mean to go through a digital transformation and how do you succeed? eZ Conference 2016 will offer insights on these and many other 'keep me up at night' questions. Offering a diverse mix of keynote sessions and Business and Technical tracks, this year’s conference will explore a variety of key topics including:


  • Multichannel Content Management
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Content Personalization
  • Internet of Things  
  • Open Source Software
  • Agile Development
  • Symfony Full-Stack Framework

eZ Conference 2016 is also a celebration of the many achievements within the eZ Community, and we're thrilled to see so much happening within the ecosystem this year. During the evening in Paris, we'll sport our finest attire, open up the bar and break out some more of those gleaming eZ trophies for a special evening of eZ Awards. 

Special pre-conference training for developers on eZ Platform & eZ Studio

Developers, want to get started building sites and apps with eZ's new content platform eZ will offer a master class on October 4th, the day before eZ Conference 2016 officially begins.